Pawsome Pups- In person classes SEPTEMBER

Set your dog up to succeed

Having a puppy is hard isn’t it? And a little scary at times.

The Pawsome Pups-Puppy Class is a great way to develop and establish a lasting relationship with your new pup providing a solid foundation for proper socialization and habituation that will last a lifetime!

This classes includes WEEKLY TRAINING (week 1 is online, and the following 5 sessions are in person), a designated SUPPORT GROUP with BONUS CONTENT and updates, weekly CHALLENGES and constant checking in to make sure we all set our puppies to succeed.You will have ACCESS TO A TRAINER even between practical lessons.

We discuss how to best handle puppy mouthing, destructive chewing, house training, crate training and leaving your puppy alone. The Puppy Class offers foundation training and covers:

  • Name Recognition 
  • Toilet training 
  • Attention to owner around distractions 
  • Impulse Control 
  • Crate Training
  • Biting and Nipping
  • Separation Skills
  • Puppy Push Ups- sit, down, stand 
  • Handling and Confidence Building 
  • Jump Prevention – teaching puppies to greet people politely 
  • Socialisation and Habituation 
  • Walking on a leash 
  • Recall- how to get your puppy back from distractions
  • and more

Your Puppy needs Life Skills that make it easy to behave well in London

Our award winning Pawsome Pups class is designed to make learning FUN for both your puppy AND you. Our Unique City-centric methods mean that our style of training is designed to get you meaningful results for life in any urban environment. 

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September 5th 2022

Island Social Community Centre, London City Island, E14 0QG

Kimberly and her team are really looking forward to meeting you all and having you join us for classes. 

Course Curriculum

Kimberly Marie Freeman

Kimberly Marie Freeman, has over 17 years extensive experience and know how having worked with, and studied dogs in London, Dundee and New York City.

While in Dundee, Scotland, Kimberly owned and operated the largest dog walking, pet sitting, and behavioral center on the East Coast of Scotland which became the catalyst for the rest of her canine based career.

Over the years, with the support of her 4-legged friends, Folly, Jester, Broadway, Vaudeville and Garbo, Kimberly has honed her skills and developed her reputation as a Trainer and Motivator.

Having worked directly with Andrea Arden, Ian Dunbar and participated in Karen Pryor workshops- yup, she can clicker train a chicken, Kimberly has also completed courses and workshops in TTouch, Advanced Canine Nutrition, Animal Husbandry, Canine First Aid, Zoonotic Diseases, Clicker Training, Agility, Service Dog Training, Gun Dog Training, Aggression, Rescue Rehabilitation (to name but a few), with experts such as Ian Dunbar, Karen Pryor, Sarah Whitehead, Victoria Stilwell.

Kimberly brings unique skills to her chosen field, with particular emphasis on a dogs life. She is an animal behaviour and nutrition expert with a special interest in rescue and rehabilitation of animals and has followed programs at the world renowned Animal Care College.

Her focus is on force free training and positive reinforcement.

Kimberly is also a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), Animal Behaviour & Training Council,Pet Professional Guild, National Association of Registered Pet Sitters (NARPS), PSI-Pet Sitters International, and is also a Canine First Aider, a Member of The Institute for Animal Care Education (IACE), and is qualified in administering the AKC Canine Good Citizen Preparation Classes (CGC). In addition, an assessor and volunteer at Canine Concern and a fundraiser at Operation OKdog.

Having studied Psychology and Philosophy at University, Kimberly is capable of skillfully blending the control and mastery of the Owner with the obedience and intelligence of the dog helping propel their training relationship to a new level.

All is not work, however. Kimberly enjoys the fun of training your dog to be a fly ball whizz, pose for pictures or tv work, and is also known for gun dog training, her work with Search and Rescue teams, for agility training and for introducing suitable dogs into the service world while also offering training to sharpen the skills of animals already in service.

In her non dog hours (although they are few), Kimberly is often seen performing on stage or screen, guest speaking, taking the dogs on campervan adventures, and having random trips around the World.

Claire Fulton

Brora the Dog

"Kimberly is a joy to work with! We have done both of her puppy classes and the one thing that stands out to me is how easy and achievable the exercises are. It makes you feel in control of training your dog and makes it enjoyable for both us and the dog." 

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